The Importance of Executive Experience in Your SES Resume

SES (Senior Executive Service) resumes differ quite a bit when compared to its federal or private sector counterparts. Not only do you have much less resume real estate to work with, but you need to prove your worth against the most competitive candidates for the most elite government positions. Today we'll be targeting just what constitutes as executive experience and how you can make the most of what to include and how to include it when it comes to writing your SES resume.

Solutions for the Workplace, LLC, provides professional federal resume writing services and specializes in Senior Executive Service (SES) resumes, USAJOBS resumes, resumes for entry level government jobs, military to civilian transition resumes, as well as private sector job resumes.

Nancy Segal, Founder of Solutions for the Workplace, is a Certified Federal Resume Writer, Certified Federal Job Search Trainer, Certified Employment Interview Consultant (CEIC), Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), and Certified Master Career Director (MCD). In addition, Nancy partnered with The Resume Writing Academy to author and facilitate the Academy Certified Federal Resume Writer Training Program.

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