The Hybrid Soul Explained - Could It Be You?

What is the hybrid soul? Could you be a hybrid soul? In this video I explain what a hybrid soul is. The term was coined by the late Dr. Michael Newton, in his second book, Destiny of Souls. He also wrote Journey of Souls. Dr. Newton regressed over a thousand patients to the between life state during his time as a regression therapist. Watch the entire video to discover the truth nobody is telling you about hybrid souls. Please consider donating to the channel at the links below if you like my work. Thank you.

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Today we’re going to be talking about hybrid souls from the work of Dr. Michael Newton, particularly from his second book, Destiny of Souls. In my last video, called For Those Who Feel Like An Alien In A Human World, I talked about what it feels like to be someone who doesn’t relate to this world. Someone who feels like they’re from a different place and doesn’t fit in to Earth life.
I was not surprised to see an overwhelming number of you shared your feelings. I saw people say things like they’ve always felt out of place, or I’ve felt like an alien my whole life, and many people said they consider themselves to be wanderers.
Since that video was so strongly received, I thought it appropriate to follow it up with this video on hybrid souls. Now let me brief you really quickly on Dr. Newton. He was a highly acclaimed hypnotherapist who regressed more than a thousand patients to the time before they were born.
These people spoke about their experiences in the spirit world along with previous incarnations. Regressing people in this manner was not Dr. Newton’s original intent. But when a number of his patients began talking about their time as a soul – before their current lifetime, and the information started to correlate, Dr. Newton took note.
This changed the direction of his work from helping people break habits and clear mental blockages, to actually regressing people expressly to the past as a soul. By doing so, Dr. Newton could go beyond the amnesia block that most people have regarding their true history as a soul.
As I’ve said in other videos, our memories are intentionally erased when incarnating here. If you want to know more about that, I made a video called The Real Reason Our Memories Are Erased At Birth. I’ll post the link to it in the description if you’re interested to see it.
After several decades of regressing clients, Dr. Newton had a sizeable amount of data and experience to draw on. And he noticed that a small percentage of his clients fit into this category, which he classified as hybrid souls.
Let me discuss the hybrid soul a bit and then I’m going to read you one super interesting regression with a client named Kanno, a hybrid soul with a very telling story. You see, Dr. Newton recorded the sessions with his patients and then placed some of the best ones in his books.
You probably have an idea of what a hybrid soul is. But let me give you specifics. The hybrid soul is one who has been reincarnating in other dimensions or worlds for long periods of time. They are usually an old soul and most of the ones Dr. Newton encountered had 2 or fewer incarnations on earth.
Although an older soul, the hybrid is prone to self-destruction and has great difficulty adapting to Earth.
Less than a quarter of Dr. Newton’s patients remember visiting other worlds between lives. But this alone does not make them a hybrid soul.
An even smaller percentage of Dr. Newton’s cases, he didn’t give a number however, had memories of incarnating on other worlds before coming to Earth. These are the hybrid souls.
The hybrid is usually an advanced soul who has decided to complete their physical lives on Earth.
This is usually for one of two reasons.

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