The Greg Rooney Interview - mediating deep emotional trauma, some heavy-duty situations coming up.

Handling challenging emotions is one thing in a mediation but what about when one of the parties at the mediation has and is experiencing deep emotional trauma as a result of the actions of the other party.

In this interview I want to understand more about how, as mediators, we can ensure we're at the top of our game when mediating in a highly-charged emotional context. How do we provide the best environment, context for the parties to be able to talk about what they need to talk about - talk about the things that matter most.

My guest is based in Adelaide, South Australia and travels regularly within Australia and internationally to advise on conflict management options and mediate a broad range of disputes. He's an independent mediation practitioner and arbitrator and specialises in dispute systems design, mediation training, mediation supervision and the professional development of mediators. He also specialises in designing the process architecture of relationship contracts. His papers are incredibly thought provoking and stimulating. And he's been involved in what I would describe as some of the most challenging contexts one could imagine ever mediating.

I'm delighted to welcome Greg Rooney on to Mediator Academy.
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