The Great Resignation 2021 | Starting Your Business

What is The Great Resignation? Are you thinking of joining The Great Resignation 2021 and Starting Your Business? Today, I'll explain what is The Great Resignation and the top 5 steps to start your new business!

00:00 The Great Resignation 2021 | Starting Your Business
00:26 What is The Great Resignation
07:33 #1 Choose Your Business
07:55 #2 Analyze Your Market
08:23 #3 Understand & Calculate Your Numbers
08:51 #4 Develop Marketing Plan
09:33 #5 Startup & Operations Plan

Are you wondering what is The Great Resignation?
Are you thinking of joining The Great Resignation, quitting your job, and starting your own business? Or making your side hustle your full-time thing? And you're wondering what you should do next?

Today, I'll explain what is a great resignation and the top five steps you need to start your business now.

Disclaimer: You should consult with professionals for any important financial or business decisions. This video is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

There are many reasons for the massive departure of workers that have quit their jobs, won't return to the office, or are making a career change.
People want their jobs to have more meaning.
Their wages aren't keeping up with a s+urge of inflation and prices.
Many workers worry about the lack of opportunities for career growth. Employees want more flexibility in working hours.
Many are carrying increased responsibilities and work in grueling work conditions.
People want to work remote from home when possible .
Daycare costs for in children have increased, which can make work unaffordable for many.
Parents have an increased need to juggle care responsibilities for their kids and the elderly.
1.8 million people aren't working while caring for families sick with COVID.

There are now more job options for employees to choose from do to increased firings, employees quitting their jobs, and employees not willing to go back to work.

Employees feel that they're expected to put their jobs over family and everything else. There's a feeling of discrimination for political and religious beliefs. And many believe there's a reduction in protection for human rights and God-given freedom.

Pandemic burnout is surging and may include the following symptoms or many others.

The pandemic has created a great opportunity for good organizations that truly care for their employees to separate themselves from the competition.

Employees want to work for companies with the following characteristics: Leaders that actually care. Workers desire to have increased flexibility in lifestyle, location, and work hours. Everyone aspires for the opportunity to do their best life's work. Employees want to work for a business that has a noble mission. Workers want leaders that trust them. Employees don't want to be micromanaged. Everyone wants to be evaluated on their results, not office politics.
If your choice is to start a new business, build it with these principles as part of your foundation.

Now's a chance to start your own business.
Winston Churchill said "He who fails to plan, is planning to fail."

Create a plan, now, before you leave,
Don't do this on hope alone. Do this with preparation.
Set, realistic goals and expectations.
Reverse engineer, the income you need and want.
Leave with honor from your previous employer.

If you're working from home and your current job, the time saved from no commuting, could be the time you need to get your new gig started.

How do you know when to quit your job? It's best to have three of the following, but at least two out of the three.
Number one you've saved the recommended six to 12 months expenses.
Number two, your new business revenue covers your living expenses.
Number three, you have a repeatable process to win new customers.

Zig Ziglar said "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."

The following are the five best steps I recommend to start your business.

Step one is to choose your business.
Step two is to analyze your market.
Step three is to understand and calculate your numbers.
Step four is to develop your marketing plan.
Step five is to develop your plan for startup and operations.

These are only the brief beginning steps to start your new business.

I recommend viewing the other videos on how to start and grow your new business, the YouTube videos of many others, plus reading many of the books on the market to help you prepare to start your new business.

Many analysts believe that many of the changes brought about by the great resignation and the pandemic, ultimately will improve the lives of workers, the companies they work for, and new businesses started with the knowledge gained from this period.

God bless you and your journey.
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