The Gray Rock Method - 'Beat Toxic People Our Reaction Is Their Prize'


'Both People and Situations are Powerless Without Your Reaction.'

Some people will really grind your gears... they get in your head, and can cause you to feel frustrated, angry or even depressed just by their mere presence or a single conversation. Unfortunately in this life there are some people that actually take joy in getting a negative emotional response from others. Think about this in the context of trolls online, or people that argue for the sake of it - even if they don't believe in their argument.
When they feel they have won, because you are emotional and riled up, it gives them a sense of power and accomplishment. People like this go by different names in society. Previously we may have called them narcissists or pig-headed, but these days there are so many more diverse examples; they can be toxic, psychopathic, bigoted, trolls, anarchists - whatever you refer to them as, they are extremely hard to deal with.

This is because they seem to be in control of the situation, and no matter how much you try to defend your rights, or make them see sense, they are unmoving and usually counter with another hurtful, incendiary comment that just exacerbates the situation. However, if you find yourself faced with a person like this, there is a method that will help you remain calm and strong.

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