The Government Pays This Man More Than The President

We all know that government salaries are generally less lucrative than private company salaries, but governments generally offer much better work-life balance, more job security, and just overall less stress. So, the tradeoffs for government jobs were usually worth it for a good portion of the population. However, over the past 10 to 20 years, the disparity between government salaries and corporate salaries has ballooned to significant levels. Before you might’ve been able to make an additional $20 or $30K per year by switching to a company, but nowadays, you can often double your salary by switching to corporate. This has made the argument to get a government job significantly weaker, and this is especially true with current inflation. But, why do governments pay so bad when they have access to so much money? Well, some of the main reasons are that they have terrible financial management, ineffective spending strategies, and a significant number of complacent employees. This video explains the difference between government wages and corporate wages and how government salaries got so bad.

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0:00 - Garbage Salaries
2:24 - Funding
5:32 - Complacent Employees
8:26 - No Choice
10:56 - The State Of Government Jobs

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