The Government is SUING NVIDIA? - WAN Show December 3, 2021

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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119)
[0:00] Chapters.
[1:02] Intro.
[1:32] Topic #1: FTC sues Nvidia, stops Arm merging.
5:14 Linus's follow-up video idea.
7:09 Linus rants about Windows, discusses video notes.
11:32 RISC-V vs ARM.
[13:32] Topic #2: Pixel 6 refuses to charge via cheap cables.
[16:22] LTTStore's sweacket.
[17:58] Topic #3: Nvidia's rumored 40XX series in 2022.
21:24 Reported specs & wattage of the series.
22:35 Intel's Arc series rumors.
25:26 "New" microphone arms.
[26:31] LTTStore's sweacket shipping & MI newsletter.
[29:22] Topic #4: Interesting applicants for LMG.
[31:44] Sponsors ft more technical difficulties.
32:14 ID Agent's BullPhish ID agent.
33:23 TEAMGROUP's holiday sales & gaming PC giveaway.
34:06 MSI's MPG Z690 Carbon Wifi motherboard.
[35:22] Topic #5: Microsoft Edge's "Zip" payment.
39:06 Financing will not justify debt.
[40:12] Topic #6: Floatplane development issues on iOS.
[45:29] Topic #7: Halo Infinite release.
46:06 Linus's home work progress.
48:46 Progression system & cosmetics.
[52:10] Merch messages.
[1:28:44] LTTStore cloth like colors & hair scrunchies.
[1:39:04] Outro.
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