The Good, Bad & Ugly: 360 Reviews

We often think of 360 Reviews as a method of improving the performance of an individual employee. But to really be effective as a leader, you need to collect honest, direct and usable feedback about your own performance, too.

In this Flash Cast, we’re covering 8 Best Practices for implementing a true 360 Review process that will provide data to help your team and organization flourish. It’s time to get vulnerable and discuss the good, the bad and the ugly.

This process might feel awkward at first. Use our time-stamped "360 Review Best Practices Guide" (Link: https://getforwardfocused.com/the-good-bad-ugly-360-reviews/) to remind yourself why this type of feedback is so important to the success of your organization.

Forward Focused founder Jon Reusch is dedicated to helping people thrive through results-driven leadership development.

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