The Future of Healthcare is Here, with Forward Health

Forward Health is a heavily tech-enabled concierge healthcare provider that is reimagining the way healthcare is provided. I’ve been a member for several years, and routinely have used them as an example of creating delightful customer experiences. There’s no waiting room. The physician isn’t typing into a laptop but is focused on you. As you talk with them, the stuff you say gets automatically added to a giant custom screen in the room. Everything about it feels better.

So when Forward founder Adrian Aoun agreed to chat, I was looking forward to diving into the mechanics of the concierge model and how they think about the patient experience. But what quickly became clear was Adrian’s ambition goes far beyond providing creating a successful concierge business. His aims are nothing less than the complete reimagining of how healthcare is provided. In this colorful interview we discuss Adiran’s vision for Forward, why the current healthcare system is broken, and how he envisions for the future.

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