The Extreme 996 Work Culture in China | Reaction

The Extreme 996 Work Culture in China | Reaction
Will we ever stop prioritizing overworking over our mental, physical, and spiritual health? The Extreme 996 Work Culture in China must be criticized and proper measures shall be taken in order this dying system to stop being practiced and praised. People should learn when and where their work day stops and where their life begins. Since, I've switched a few jobs and I was frequently not able to take enough breaks, regularly skipping lunch breaks or used to eat in my cubicle, on my desk.. I also didn't move enough simply because I lacking time. I can definitely tell that all of that wasn't healthy living nor contributing to my well-being, but it was happening due to bad, old habits, not having strong personal boundaries. And after going through a burnout I don't have to remind myself where I ended up for overworking, I ended up with a sever depression. It's not worth to prioritize a company profits for your personal life.

What are your thoughts on modern slavery and 996 work system in China ?

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