The Eskimos

The Eskimos
- Etymology:
- - Some people consider the word "Eskimo" offensive because it is popularly perceived to mean "eaters of raw meat" in Algonquian languages
- In their language they call themselves (Inuit)
- Inuit countries:
- The Inuit live in the north of the Earth
- - Climate:
- - The Inuit region has harsh weather
- It is the coldest regions of the world with long and harsh winters and short and cold summers
- They have lived for more than 5000 years in these conditions, where the winter temperature ranges between -44° and -66°
- - Their country is called the land of the midnight sun. The sun shines all day in the summer for a certain period
- It is also called the land of the noon moon. The sun appears for a limited period in the winter
- The Inuit's food:
- - They eat meat, wild berries and algae
- They benefit from animal skins in making clothes, tents and covers
- - Their food is either dried and they use whale oil for cooking
- They bury food in the ground until it ferments naturally
- - Fishing tools:
- They hunt with spears, arrows made of bone or wood
- - They also use nets to catch fish
- Recently as a result of their contact with other cultures they use firearms in hunting
- - The Inuit have different types of houses
- Tents are made of seal skin or caribou during the summer
- - In Winter, houses are made of ice in the form of a dome
- Means of transportation:
- - They travel on snow and ice with dog sledges - There are boats wrapped in animal skins to sail
- Marriage customs:
- - Their marriage customs are very strange, where a man smells the woman he wants, and if he likes the smell, he marries her, otherwise, he rejects her
- The husband has the right to exchange his wife with his neighbour and has the right to lend her to his single friend as a symbol of friendship
- - Did you like the Eskimo way of life? Do you think you can bear it?
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