The Disaster That Is PSO2:NGS

PSO2:NGS is a DISASTER. This video will explain why, starting from the beginning.
If anyone would like to translate the video in Japanese, please feel free to. Our JP players need to see this as well, and I want them to fully understand what's going on.

Share this video and please help us save this game before SEGA runs it into the ground!


Intro: 0:00

Episode 1 - The Brief History of Phantasy Star : 4:24
Episode 2 - Phantasy Star Online 2 : 9:36
Episode 3 - PSO2's Global Launch Experience : 12:54 (RANTS HERE)
Episode 4 - The PSO2/NGS Transitional Period : 26:55 (RANTS HERE)
Episode 5 - The Disaster That Is NGS : 39:12 (RANTS HERE)


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