The Devil Wears Frauda - The Miraculous Plane Crash of Gwen Shamblin & Joe Lara | ACSH Ep. XLVIII

Right after brunch on May 29th of this year (2021), evangelical cult leader Gwen Shamblin Lara and her recent husband Tarzan actor Joe Lara, along with six others, plunged their Cessna C501 into Percy Priest Lake near Nashville, Tennessee. Shamblin created a Christian diet plan called the Weigh Down, that became its own religious cult called the Remnant Fellowship, that emphasized body shaming as a tool to keep people, specifically women, obedient and exhausted. When her plane dove into the lake just after take off, was it an accident? Was is it foul play? Faked death maybe? Or maybe, like Johnny Cash says, "Sooner or later, the Man'll cut ya down." Tune in today to hear the weeks future conspiracies and let us know what you think happened God's greediest children?

0:00 - intro
0:50 - headlines
19:05 - Gwen Shamblin
57:41 - riddle time

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