The curious search for Cyrenaic Silphium

What is Silphium and why was it so valuable for ancient Greeks and Romans alike?

In today's episode I am exploring the long history of the mysterious plant Silphium, how is it connected with the prosperous ancient Greek colony of Cyrene, in modern day Libya, and I try to answer the question if indeed went extinct!

Join me for another archaeogastronomical adventure into the deep Meditarannean past; let's taste some ancient recipe with Silphium and see if we can unravel the mystery of its supposed disappearance and how we today can we get a taste of it...!

It's all very intriguing! You won't regret it! I even try some raw asafoetida powder for you!

Herodotus passage read by the superb Mark Knight

Music by the amazing Pavlos Kapralos

Sound design created with Soundtoys and UAD Plugins as well as Spitfire Synths.

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The Delicious Legacy
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