The Culture of a 300-Employee Agency

Published hiring

00:00 Celebrating 300 jobs created
00:32 An article from Getlightouse blog
01:02 Company growth
04:17 Embracing a remote culture
04:56 Why employees enjoy working at My Amazon Guy
05:36 Growth eagerness
05:58 Strategic communication
06:39 Tech savviness
07:10 Get on base
07:43 Manager core values
08:35 The pyramid of My Amazon Guy
09:02 MAG founder Steven Pope turns 35
10:07 Employees come first at My Amazon Guy
11:13 Always hire for competency
19:02 Steven Pope's mission as a company
13:45 Hiring 130 interns in about 65 days
16:35 The Amazon aggregators
18:05 Culture as a human intellectual achievement
19:00 Knowing yourself and who you are
22:18 Jobs at My Amazon Guy

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