The Crossroads of INFORMATION & LOVE | A Top 10 List | Valentine to Information Science

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, or simply to celebrate our shared humanity, this short video brings together two of my favorite concepts: INFORMATION and LOVE. At first, you may have no idea who or what exists at such an intersection. As the video unfolds, I suspect you will think, “Oh yeah! Of course…”. By the end, you may have identified *other* information and love combinations beyond these. Kindly place such ideas in the comments below the video for inclusion in a second forthcoming video on the same theme. Of note, there were originally 20 iLove (!) or alternatively LovInf (!), combos on my list and it was difficult to limit the video at hand to just 10.

The purpose of this multimedia Valentine is to entertain, uplift, and inform students, educators, researchers, and professionals in Information Science and neighboring domains. Another goal, like all my INFIDEOS, is to bring more spacious, artful, emotionally resonant, sensual, playful, and organic ideas, motifs, and melodies to the Information Science conversation.

Feel free to circulate this video freely. Educators could share it in their classes during early February (or any time) and invite students (working alone or in small groups) to come up with other relevant INFORMATION & LOVE confluences.

Of note, Valentine's Day was originally a Christian feast day honoring the martyr, St. Valentine, but today is mainly a minor secular holiday, celebrated on February 14, in which people express love and affection for those they hold dear.

Links to additional sources are below.

*Michael Olsson and Annemaree Lloyd are leading researchers in this area; here’s one of their papers on embodied information []. And this is a link to a special issue of Library Trends on “Information and the Body”, which contains many recent articles on the topic [].*

*The Wikipedia page on Carol Kuhlthau [] is a starting point; and also check out my longer video on her Information Search Process [].*

*See the Feminist Love Studies Network [] for points of departure. The university profile of Anna Jonasdottir (shown in the video) is also a resource [].

#7. BIBLIOPHILES, LECTIOFILES, SAPIOSEXUALS... (No resources for this one.)

*Rosalind Picard is a founder of this concept and field, see her book [].*

*The Wikipedia page on Bibliotherapy is as good an account as any [].*

*This article introduces cardioinformatics [].*

*You can explore this one on your own!*

#2. "LOVE AS A LENS" (Mary Greenshields and Sarah Polkinghorne)
*Here is a paper [] and video presentation [] by Greenshields and Polkinghorne.*

#1. YOU: ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
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