The Creators’ Creator — Meet The Ex-YouTube & Instagram Employee Who Got 55M Views in 1 Month

What if you could get inside the mind of someone who’s gotten 300 million views online? Who in the last month has gotten over 55 million online? That’s exactly what I am sharing with you in this new video interview.

While I am not a fan of the term “YouTube Guru,” when the shoe fits…

Last week, I had a great conversation with Jon Youshaei.

Who’s Jon Youshaei? He worked at both YouTube and Instagram before launching out on his own.

During his five years at YouTube, Jon was Head of Creator Product Marketing where he worked with top creators and celebrities to grow their audiences and their revenue. Such top creators included David DeVito, Paris Hilton, George Lopez, Logan Paul, Nick Kroll, Jake Paul, Michelle Phan, and many others.

Now Jon writes for Forbes and Time magazine, serves as the Creator-In-Residence for leading NFT platform Origin Protocol, and also works with TubeBuddy as their Head Creator Advisor.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Crushing YouTube and Video Myths and Busting (Matzoh) Balls
Recently, I sat with the “YouTube Guru.”

We dove into what’s working online today, what’s not, what myths you need to avoid, and what format he sees as the format to lean into in a big way.

Here are 15 powerful points we covered:

1. The importance of short-form video
2. Why the video strategies of 2015 no longer work
3. The liability of “following trends” in online video
4. How do you package skills to work in online video
5. The false notions that no longer work
6. The relationship between quality and quality
7. Jon’s discovery that revolutionized his workflow and increased his output
8. How to leverage long-form content for other content
9. Jon shares his approach to attracting sponsors
10. How many times does an audience need to hear a message to make an impact? (The answer will surprise you).
11. The most bizarre mission statement you’ve ever heard (and why they don’t work)
12. The “lighting trick” Jon learned from Instagram
13. The “quick change hack” Jon learned from the high-profile creators he's worked with
14. The biggest lesson Jon learned “on the inside” with YouTube and Instagram
15. How to NOT fixate and obsess on the view count (and how short-form content resolves this)


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