The Chosen Global Livestream: Season 3, Episode Four

"First 15 minutes, I am already crying!!!!!" - Laa L.

"Didn't even have time to catch my breath during the opening scenes!" - Carol W.

"Loved the interview with Simon Z, and the SNEAK PEEK of Episode 5!" - Kathleen W.

"Tonight was awesome!" - Bruce B.

In this livestream, you see the disciples carry out the mission Jesus gave them—healing, casting out demons, and preaching His words. But then what? We already explored their questions and fears before setting out; now in Episode 4, we’ll discover their different responses afterwards.

This episode is packed. We’ve got a SIGNIFICANT new character, a tragedy striking Jairus, tension growing between Simon and Eden, and an unlikely alliance forming.

Also joining us is Alaa Safi, who plays Mother Mary’s favorite disciple, Simon Z (if you missed what she said, go back and watch Episode Three). We chat about his character's mission with Matthew as well as an “indie” side project Alaa’s been working on.

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