The Business of Peace: Neoliberalism in Palestine

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“The Business of Peace: Neoliberalism in Palestine” is a single issue video exploring the effects of neoliberal policy in the peace process of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. In this collaborative project with @beacebrocess, we explore the ways in which capitalism has contributed to creating an effective resolution, and also the ways in which it hasn’t. We mainly discuss monetary theory, the legacy of Salam Fayyad and the city of Rawabi.

Introduction (0:00)
I. The State and the Market (4:59)
II. Capitalism as the Argument for Peace (Pt.1) (8:24)
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II. Capitalism as the Argument for Peace (Pt.2) (13:40)
III. Fayyadism (17:21)
IV. Rawabi (21:57)
V. Critiques of Rawabi (26:13)
Conclusion (34:28)
Credits (38:30)

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