The Breakeven Diaries - Season 3 Episode 2 with Farah Akhtar part 1

FARAH AKHTAR, Ex banker turned Entrepreneur, EX Alumni of H.R College of commerce and Economics, Master in Positive Psychology, Founder and CEO of Unleash YOU Excellence Academy is a professional, driven by ambition. UnleashYOU, is a platform to make you grow 3x in every way possible, lead by a well read, extremely experienced and leading entrepreneur who has won the award for the best female entrepreneur for the year 2021 , By Global Triumph Foundation.

Farah brings with her proven track record of business results of more than 15 years of Corporate working experience in Sales , Marketing , Business development and General management , across 2 industries of investment banking and business consulting and coaching during different business phases of Start up ,Growth & Turnaround . She has worked with different multinational banks as well as asset management companies like Kotak Bank, Barclays Bank, Anand Rathi Pvt Ltd, Motilal Oswal Pvt Ltd. Her last stint was with Citibank. Adding value to people – making meaningful difference, has been her passion.

Talking about her startup, UnleashYOU Excellence Academy was founded in 2018 and is one of the leading business coaching and consulting companies for women entrepreneurs. UnleashYOU is growing steadily and that is her only constant - to inspire women to spread their wings and achieve all that they are meant to.

The Breakeven Diaries is an interview series that tries to explore and understand how some of the youngest and brightest minds around us have started off successfully ,despite all odds, and have managed to do what they love. Join us as they share their journey and show the world how they ‘Break-Even’, how they have managed to create an impact and rise above the rest.
This ambitious initiative is taken up by the Entrepreneurship Cell of SIMSREE which aims to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among youngsters.
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