The Bee Weekly: FreedomFest and The Best Video Games Ever

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This week at The Babylon Bee, the guys review their crazy weekend in Las Vegas at FreedomFest because what happens in Vegas echoes in eternity. They also talk about good Samaritans who use guns and run into burning buildings, repent of not knowing the fish slapping dance, and discuss the top ten greatest video games of all time. Travis is back with a vengeance this episode.

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The Babylon Bee crew also talks about the news of the week like Brandon Falls being a historical landmark now, NPR deciding to open up a brand new disinformation wing, and Joe Biden wandering around the Middle East asking for Jafar. There’s also more Sizzler facts, a Weakly News with Claire filling in for Adam, and Bee Radio with Austin Robertson. Kyle sits down with Andrew Crapuchettes, from Red Balloon, who is trying to connect freedom-loving employers with people who just want to work without compromising their beliefs and values. Last but not least, the guys at The Babylon Bee set in stone their top ten video games of all time.

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