The Art and Science of Career Advancement Part 1

Abstract: Scientific minds are wired to solve problems and find answers, but these same minds are often confounded when asked to tell their career story. At the heart of career development and advancement is the ability to articulate your unique career story to recruiters and hiring managers. Your resume, LinkedIn profile, networking skills and interviewing techniques are critical in securing a position that allows you to focus on your scientific pursuits. The two webinars will focus on helping early and mid-level career professionals build their career advancement plan

Webinar #1: The Prep! June 16th at 10 AM EDT
• Plan your work and work your plan
• Construct a CV/Resume that highlights your achievements, your career aspirations, and reflects you as an individual with unique capabilities and qualities that will be an asset to your employer.
• Build your Social Media/LinkedIn profile
• Network

Webinar #2: Perform! June 23rd at 10 AM EDT
• Job Search and Applications
• Recruiters
• Interview
• negotiate your offer(s)
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