The Archived System of Kalis Ilustrisimo - Romeo Macapagal Interview Part 2 Mini Documentary

00:40 The influences on Tatangs Art
02:47 Different Pedagogies
03:43 Norman Suanico
05:16 Pedro Reyes
06:12 Roberto Morales
07:29 Henry Espera
09:14 Break in Pedagogy and Techniques
12:20 "Gaps in competency for students of the Archived System"
12:37 Doble Carera & Darag Footwork
14:51 What is missing in the sparring of students of the Archived System?
17:08 Precise targeted attacks vs. Striking Patterns
17:56 Advice for future students of the Archived System
19:09 How can a classical system be authentic?
23:00 Evolving a classical system
23:55 Focus during sword combat
26:27 A proven system of swordsmanship
27:15 Ilustrisimo is a dead system
28:28 The challenges of teaching a classical lineage
29:53 How do you feel about evolving the Archived System?
31:10 "Tasks for caretakers of the Archived Systems"

Part Two of an all-day interview about Filipino Martial Culture and Philippine Swordsmanship with Romeo "Romy" Macapagal: one of the students of the last living sword fighters of the Philippines. This one was done as a mini-documentary.

Macapagal is author of "Kalis Ilustrisimo: The Archived System of Antonio "Tatang" Ilustrisimo". Copies in the Philippines can be ordered from
Contact The Parashop Manila directly to order a copy.

For the USA, the book can be ordered from -

I culled the available footage online but also stuff that was part of videos given to Mang Romy aka Romeo Macapagal years back. I've looked and found versions on youtube and shared the links below.

There will be some controversy because of the thoughts and opinions presented. I hope that viewers can watch this through the lens of seeing how Kalis Ilustrisimo is practiced today vs. how Antonio Ilustrisimo shared his art. This is not to say that current and future methods have no value - the video is shared to shine a light on what is different and what has changed. The value of new or old practices will always be on the individual teachers and students.

If you love the music, please check out the original video, like and subscribe. It is a traditional Cebuano song, "Rosas Pandan" (performed by Richmond Piguerra & Adrian Sarinas)

Part One of this interview can be watched here:

Here are links to some of the included videos on YouTube:
Antonio Tatang Ilustrisimo - Kali Arnis Eskrima - 80’s archive -
Kalis Ilustrisimo uniform movements..
Antonio Ilustrisimo and Antonio Diego | Ilustrisimo Escrima
ESTD2 Blade Edgar Sulite & Tony Diego
Ilustrisimo Style, Ricketts, Sulite
Kali Ilustrisimo Level #3 clips
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