The Absolute Best 13 Barbecue Restaurants In The U.S.

There is no more American meat tradition than barbecue. And though no two regions will agree about how barbecue is best prepared, or about which parts of which animal are best enjoyed after any one preparation, we can all agree that these different methods all taste pretty great — even if our hometown place makes it the best! Though great barbecue can be had in many spots, there are 13 barbecue restaurants that are a cut above the rest. If you love meat and are feeling a little hungry, loosen your belt and get comfy. These are the absolute best 13 barbecue restaurants in the U.S.

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Buxton Hall Barbecue | 0:00
Central BBQ | 0:50
Franklin Barbecue | 1:28
Harp Barbecue | 2:13
Hometown Bar-B-Que | 2:47
4 Rivers Smokehouse | 3:18
Herman's Ribhouse | 3:55
Skylight Inn BBQ | 4:24
Kerlin BBQ | 4:56
Bogart's Smokehouse | 5:23
Dreamland BBQ | 5:54
B.T.'s Smokehouse | 6:42
JR's Rhodehouse BBQ PIT | 7:15

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