The 700 Club - January 17, 2023

0:00 - Introduction
00:04 - News
08:17 - Financial Story_1
14:07 - Financial Story_2
24:20 - Financial Story_3
34:14 - Humanitarian Story_1
37:40 - Military Story
45:51 - Financial Story_4
50:43 - Humanitarian Story_2
53:28 - Humanitarian Story_3

At the start of their marriage, Donald and Abby had paid off a large amount of debt. So when Abby discovered her husband had a new, secret debt, she was shocked! See how this couple turned to God for help, and discover what Donald learned about true freedom and financial success.

Plus, when herdsmen attacked her village in Nigeria, 10-year-old Itsi ran for her life, as her father was murdered. See how you helped provide a place for Itsi and other children like her, to learn about Jesus and heal from loss and trauma.

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