The 10 Best Companies to Work For (2022)

Finding the perfect company to work for is a top priority for any job seeker. And in today’s highly competitive market, finding the right workplace goes far beyond a job title or salary. Applicants want to find companies that care about their employees, who invest in their personal and professional development, and who also offer great benefits and security. In addition, employees are looking for workplaces with excellent values – somewhere where they will be proud and devoted to work.

Luckily, there are many platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn that provide insider information on what it’s really like to work at some of the most popular companies in the world; based on this research we’ve devised a list of the world’s best companies to work for, including information on company culture and benefits.

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00:00 Introduction
00:39 Number 10: Capital One Financial
00:55 Number 9: David Weekley Homes
01:12 Number 8: American Express
01:34 Number 7: Rocket Companies
01:55 Number 6: Accenture
02:23 Number 5: Nvidia
02:43 Number 4: Salesforce
03:16 Number 3: Wegmans Food Markets
03:39 Number 2: Hilton Worldwide Holdings
04:02 Number 1: Cisco Systems

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