Testimonials from students- Certificate course in PV batch 1

Hello everyone
Here we share views from some students from certificate course in Pharmacovigilance Batch 2

Happy to announce we first time announce 3 month Certificate course in Pharmacovigilance’ Batch 2 which is India’s most affordable course.
Here are details of course
Topics covered
Class 1- Introduction to Pharmacology, Clinical Trials and Pharmacovigilance
Class 2- Pharmacovigilance Programme in India (PVPI)
Class 3- Key Terminologies/Methodologies in Pharmacovigilance
Class 4- Adverse Drug Reactions and Safety Reports
Class 5- Narrative Writing in Pharmacovigilance
Class 6- Management Systems and Drug Dictionaries in Pharmacovigilance
Class 7- Special Case Scenarios in Pharmacovigilance
Class 8- Seriousness & Expectedness & Causality Assessment Criteria
Class 9- Overview of Aggregate Safety Reports
Class 10- Signal Detection and Risk management
Class 11- Overview of Argus Database
Class 12- Case Study
Timing for Webinar
10 am to 12 pm (2 hours weekly on every Saturday and Sunday)
All classes are virtual through Zoho
Course will starts from 19 March till 4 June
Who can ENROLL
Anyone who wish to learn Pharmacovigilance from science background
How to enroll
For offer price till 12 March 2022
Click following link to enroll
OR Pay 4999/- online (Gpay/Phonepay/Paytm) to 9423272876
After payment share screenshot to 9423272876 via whatsup
Then after payment within 30 minutes you will receive seat confirmation email with seat number provided.

After payment from any above mentioned way you will get confirmation email with seat allotment
You will be added to Whatsup group one day prior to Class 1
All admissions opens till 18 March or up to seats fulfilment whichever earliest
If any query email us at [email protected]

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