Terry Hobbs Body Language Explained | Is Time passing Equal To Lack Of Detail

This is a body language video yes but, lets get this bit out of the way first of all, there are sound issues throughout the picture in picture segment of this. I raged and raged with different programs trying to fix it and in the end its still not good. You can understand what is being said but it may annoy you. Its a great chance to practice your focus and listen to content rather than internal language however that is dealers choice.

To the video, it has been requested for quite some time now and here it is. A cagey videoed interview from Terry Hobbs who is buried in the details behind the West Memphis Three. What is important to note about the displays is yes they are subdued but boy are they telling!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pCjzBq346s&t=3025s - I reckon this is where the original came from, closest one I found anyway.

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