Teami Blends: The detox tea "run by Scientologists" (Cult documentary)

"Wellness" brand Teami Blends is sold by big-box stores and plugged by celebrities, flexing that it helps customers lose weight through a laxative “detox” tea. Even though the federal government sued Teami for deceptive marketing, influencers and major retailers continue to profit from it — and that’s not even the worst of it.

Teami is also allegedly run by devout Scientologists who force their employees to take religion-based courses written by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. CEO Adi Arezzini’s mother Sari Halevy is an auditor who works for MGE Management Experts Inc., a group of business consultants linked to the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE), the cult’s corporate recruiting arm according to multiple discrimination lawsuits filed against it over the years.

This documentary investigates the disturbing parallels between Adi’s alleged management style and Hubbard’s brutal cult doctrine, interviewing ex-employees about why “this job will give you PTSD” (per a Glassdoor review) and exposing the potential health dangers of Teami’s products. Most importantly, the film asks why this brand keeps winning mainstream support amid allegations that it’s enriching an abusive cult.


Chapters ⏰
00:03:05 — The cult of Teami
00:04:13 — Detox lies
00:15:05 — Influencers exposed
00:24:57 — FTC lawsuit
00:28:19 — Teami's CEO
00:33:41 — Scientology ties
01:06:24 — Employee reviews
01:17:21 — WISE training
01:48:35 — Big-box abettors


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