TCS ID Card 2022 | How to apply- New Employee ID Card

How to get TCS ID Card 2022 For New Employee at home full process:
Steps to get TCS ID Card
1. Login Ultimatix
2. Go to GESS portal
3. Upload Profile Photo
4. Publish photo
5. Supervisor approve
6. Search MMT in Ultimatix
7. Click on ID Card Option
8. Enter details Verify Mobile no with OTP
9. eTMS Pincode address (UX apps- Pin Location)

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Your employee ID and Ultimatix platform serves all the purposes. Whenever you’ll resume the office, then in initial days, your access will be provided based on temporary ID card generated by Ultimatix portal. After you get into the office physically, automatically Administration team will start processing for your permanent ID card that will be handed over to you in minimal time.
Smart Identity Management System (SIMS) is a comprehensive security solution that issues smart cards and smart degrees. The smart card can also be used for many other purposes such as:
Identity card with memory chip to control access and keep attendance of employees
Membership card or loyalty card for customers
The TCS SIMS solution provides:
A key management system to ensure that the data is protected and no duplicate identity is created.
An end-to-end security system with provisions to print cards, issue cards, enroll finger prints, assign access control, block-unblock cards ,verify card, maintain access logs, and keep record of employees' /students' time and attendance.
Authenticity and integrity of the data with the use of digital signatures.
Online verification of the certificate by any third-party across the world.

The Smart Identity Solution has two major components—Central Instance(CI) and Local Instance (LI).

Central instance is a web application that directly saves/updates data in the TCS data center. It is like a Head Office (HO) that keeps a control over the data of all sites (LIs) of an organization. There is only one CI for the whole organization and only admin users can use the CI.

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