Taylor Hawkins Son Brought Fans To TEARS After This..

Taylor Hawkins Son Brought Fans To TEARS After This..

Welcome back to Celeb Centric, today on this channel we are going to talk about “Taylor Hawkins’ son honors father with rendition of “My Hero” Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins died on March 25. Since his death, Taylor Hawkins’ life has been commemorated by music fans, his Foo Fighters bandmates, and his family. During the recent July 4th holiday weekend, his son Shane Hawkins was seen drumming the Foo Fighters song “My Hero.”

According to Variety, Taylor Hawkins’ son Shane Hawkins performed the Foo Fighters song “My Hero” during “a block party in Laguna Beach. To perform the song, Shane Hawkins joined the band The Alive and drummed along “My Hero.” Variety reports that a July 7 TikTok of the performance captioned, “When Taylor Hawkins’ Son Gets On The Drums And Dedicates The Song ‘My Hero’ To His Dad.” The hawk would have been proud.” The Alive is associated with both Taylor Hawkins and Foo Fighters. According to Variety, The Alive was “previously open to Chevy Metal, Taylor Hawkins’ cover band, and Foo Fighters in Lollapalooza Chile.” check this video out and stay updated!

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