Talib Kweli & Coast Contra On Apt. 505, Never Freestyle, JID, Ras Kass, Biggie | People's Party Full

In this episode of "People's Party With Talib Kweli," Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with hip hop group:


Here's what we got into:

• Respect to Pete Rock for bringing so many new ears to the sounds of Coast Contra.
• The lyricism of rapper JID and why they used his beat for the 'Never Freestyle'.
• Drawing inspiration from Biggie's performances of songs like 'Party & Bullshit'.
• Performing at the Hollywood Bowl, the same night Dave Chappelle was attacked.
• Eric Jamal speaks on meeting his fellow Philly emcee Black Thought.
• Taj and Ras being the sons of rapper Ras Kass and singer Teedra Moses.
• RioLoz's experience of being raised in Colombia before later moving to Miami.
• Three parts of the crew linking up in high school and bonding over their love for hip hop.
• When Eric Jamal came into the fold and what he brought to the structure as the elder.
• The crew's years of building together in Apt. 505 after moving out to Los Angeles.
• How they all wound up working at the My 2 Cents LA soul food restaurant.
• What's behind their focus on financial literacy in songs like 'Get The Worm'.
• The constant quest for knowledge and having the right people around you to grow.
• Discussing what 2Pac and Biggie might be doing today if they were still around.
• How they've managed to keep such a strong foundation over the years.
• The romantic side of Coast Contra is explored and embracing vulnerability.
• Getting the opportunity to make the title song for the soundtrack to 'Queen & Slim'.
• The group's move to becoming more in tune with their spiritual side.
• What it is about their come up story that sets themselves apart from the others.
• What led them to making a conscious decision of a 7 year plan to success.
• Their plan to execute the next level of their prophecy by utilizing new resources.
• The excitement of having the chance to bring a whole new sound to the industry.
• A People's Party cipher with each member of Coast Contra taking their turn to bar-out.

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