Taking your employer brand to market | Employer branding for the housing sector

This series will introduce you to what employer branding can do for social housing HR and recruitment teams and how to get started.

This workshop helps you connect the dots with your employer branding work and take it to market.
A great employer brand is a great way to differentiate what you, as a housing provider, can offer potential candidates.

This session talks you through the steps you need to take your employer brand and proposition to market to connect with the right talent.

Specifically, we’ll cover:

Taking your employer brand to market
Launching your brand
Creating advocacy
Content development
Measurement and tracking.

Moxie People and David Thompson have teamed up to deliver a 3-part workshop series on employer branding for housing professionals. For more info, check out our blog Employer Branding for the Housing Sector: https://moxiepeople.com/blog/everything-social-housing/differentiate-your-offering-employer-branding-ideas-for-the-housing-sector
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