Sustaining hybrid work models - How to manage and optimise hybrid workplaces

Episode 3 of 3 - Hear from workplace experts from ARUP and 3edges to learn more on how workplace strategies can remain fluid and adaptive to the changing landscape.

Explore steps you can take and
- Key workplace metrics to monitor in hybrid environments to keep employees productive and safe
- The analytical and operational tools available
- Success indicators to measure efficiencies
- Emerging responsibilities and challenges for workplace leaders

00:00 - Intro
02:06 - How data has evolved
04:28 - Has the use of data accelerated?
06:22 - The role data has played in influencing workplace decisions
08:48 - What actions has data accelerated pre and post pandemic
11:41 - Understanding employee needs using data
13:03 - What are the challenges that come with too much data?
16:18 - How do you leverage data to tell a story?
18:02 - The methodology of data use is the next evolution
24:26 - Impacts of indoor air quality and cognitive performance
27:42 - How do you balance data requests?
37:42 - The psychology of leveraging data to tell a story
41:22 - IT & Security around data collection
47:10 - What is the approach to using data now?
50:11 - Key take aways - scenario planning and predictive analysis

- Chris Moriarty - Workplace Commentator
- Yodit Stanton - CEO & Founder - OpenSensors
- Ian Ellison - Director - 3edges
- Steph Welch - Head of Facilities Management - ARUP
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