SuperfastCPA Reviews: How Richie Passed His CPA Exams

In this SuperfastCPA reviews episode, you’ll hear Richie’s story about passing two exams, then failing the next two, and then figuring out what went wrong and finishing his CPA exams.

In this episode we cover how Richie used the SuperfastCPA study tools to help with his retention & understanding of the material, how to pass the CPA exams while working full-time, CPA exam retake strategies, and many other CPA exam study tips.

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00:00 Richie Interview
03:26 Introduction
04:08 Originally a Math Major
08:40 How Richie Started the CPA Study Process
10:03 Passed First Two with the Traditional Approach
10:58 Why the Traditional Approach Didn't Work Anymore
12:35 Difference After Using SuperfastCPA
14:30 How Self-Written Flashcards Made the Difference
18:06 "I Started to Remember Things Quicker, Faster, and More Efficiently"
22:14 The "Passing Formula"
23:42 How Richie Used Practice SIMs in His Study Routine
26:48 The Key to Time Management on Exam Day
30:46 "It Just Makes So Much Sense..."
33:14 How Richie Used the Study Tools
36:42 Most Helpful Part of the Program for Richie
38:48 Richie's Top Tips to Those Currently Studying

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