SuperfastCPA Reviews: How Kayelani Passed Her Exams

In this SuperfastCPA reviews episode, you'll hear how Kayelani mastered her CPA study process and passed her CPA exams after being extremely overwhelmed when she initially started the CPA study process.

3 Things to Listen for:
-Kayelani's first big "aha moment" about how to study smarter
-How she gathered strategies that made sense from other podcast interviews
-How she went from a failing score to an 89 just a few weeks later

And there's a lot more, this interview gets very technical into the specific details about the study process.

Episode Timestamps

00:00 Introduction
01:13 Free Study Training Webinar
01:53 How Kayelani Got Started
03:16 How Kayelani found SuperfastCPA
04:14 Kayelani's first big "aha moment" about how to study smarter
04:45 How Kayelani's study process evolved
05:26 Gathering strategies from the SuperfastCPA podcast interviews
05:41 Taking notes on the actual review notes
06:10 Kayelani's daily CPA study routine
07:31 Rushed it the first time, nailed it the second time
09:34 From failing a section to scoring an 89 a few weeks later
10:47 Kayelani's biggest breakthroughs in what worked
12:00 "Progress indicators" aren't foolproof...
12:46 Kayelani's opinion on full mock exams
14:10 Kayelani's "Final 48" strategy
15:42 Flashcards + writing notes on the review notes
17:47 What about "bad days"?
18:23 "Don't drag this out... it can be short-term"
19:24 Overwhelm from "not having a plan"...
20:17 "but I'm doing all the steps!?..."
20:57 Why REG & tax rules can be so confusing
22:42 The power of getting "good at studying"
23:13 But... don't get complacent
24:39 "What was the hardest part of the process?"
25:11 Huge relief once you know your process is working
25:48 Accept that this is a daily process and it gets easier
26:29 Did you take days off?
27:24 Plan your exams around "life events"
28:22 How Kayelani studied on weekends
29:43 How Kayelani prepared for the TBSs (simulations)
32:20 Kayelani's test-day tips
33:38 Non-negotiable timelines to know for test day
35:41 "Passing the first one was almost better than passing the last one..."
36:30 Kayelani's top tips for current CPA candidates
37:38 Biggest benefits from SuperfastCPA

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