SuperfastCPA Reviews: How Anthony Is Passing His CPA Exams

In this SuperfastCPA reviews episode, you'll hear Anthony's CPA exams study tips that are allowing him to pass his CPA exams while still having time for friends and family in the evenings and on weekends.


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00:00 Anthony Interview
02:11 Podcast Giveaway - Powerbeats Pro
07:00 Anthony's Daily Routine
08:20 Finding the SuperfastCPA Podcast
09:25 The 6 "key ingredients"
10:39 How Anthony used the SuperfastCPA app through his day
11:47 Why the review notes are so helpful
12:52 How Anthony uses the audio notes
14:17 How Anthony takes the evenings off
15:13 Don't underestimate studying on your phone
16:40 How Anthony studied on the weekends
17:37 Test day tips for the simulations
18:09 How Anthony took notes in his own words
19:14 "What was the hardest part about the study process?"
19:52 Two types of getting discouraged
20:57 How Anthony would simplify the material
21:32 Anthony's process for a final review
22:50 Getting used to studying in the morning
23:20 How to feel on top of your day
24:39 The mindset required for the CPA exams
25:43 Anthony's top tips to current CPA candidates
26:13 Even on your worst days, just do something

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