Sunnah of Food, Intimacy, Relationships & Community: Practical Spirituality (Part 14)

Are you feeling stuck in your relationship with Allah? Feeling unsure about how to progress spiritually while balancing the hustle and bustle of life?

Join us for this weekly class focused on practical spirituality. Each week, we discuss a topic to help us traverse the spiritual path and ultimately achieve nearness to Allah (SWT). The topics range from how to make intentions, devotions and daily duas (supplications), easy shortcuts to maximize your rewards, the importance of good character, how to balance spirituality as a working professional, and much, much more.

We will primarily be focusing on the text "The Book of Assistance" by the great Saint and Knower of Allah, Imam Abdullah Ibn Alawi Al Haddad. Download this book at

8 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. | Wednesdays | Sept. 8, 2021 to Summer '22 | Watch at and watch past series recordings at

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This workshop was delivered via the Muslim Community Center - East Bay (MCC East Bay) in Pleasanton, California on December 15, 2021. This seminar series is co-hosted with Lighthouse Mosque in Oakland, California.

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