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Q : What are subliminal ?
A : 'Subliminal messages' are phrases and affirmations, delivered in a way that has an impact on the subconscious mind.

For example, we may record the phrase “I feel great!” and then embed that phrase inside a piece of music. By using special audio techniques, we can ensure that the conscious mind can barely hear the affirmation, yet it remains clear to the subconscious mind.

We can then repeat the affirmation over and over, effectively delivering thousands of positive affirmations to the subconscious. This process can help you automatically rewire long-standing thinking patterns – helping you to think more positively, lose weight, or gain confidence, for example.

Q : How do subliminal work?
A : Subliminal audios work by flooding your subconscious mind with thousands of positive affirmations.

These positive affirmations are layered over audio (such as relaxation music, or sounds of nature), using a variety of special techniques. These techniques mean the conscious mind doesn't get to "hear" these messages, yet the subconscious mind does.

By exposing your mind to these affirmations over and over, you help to rewire long-standing thinking patterns - helping you to think more positively, lose weight, or gain confidence, for example.

This process has been researched extensively and is fully proven by science.

Q : How quickly subliminal work?
A : For best results however, we suggest listening over a period of at least two full weeks. You can continue after that time as required, or simply listen as appropriate to further enhance the results you receive.

Q : Is this actually proven by science?
A : Without any doubt – YES!

Subliminals have been heavily researched since the 1950s, and have been proven over many rigorous scientific studies.

Dr Norman Dixon, a psychologist at UCL (University College London), performed extensive research on subliminal learning in his scholarly work, “Preconscious Processing,” citing over 748 studies. He found over 80% of those subliminal studies delivered affirmative, positive results.

Q : How do I use subliminal audio?
A : Just sit back, relax, hit play, and let the recording do the rest!

You can listen in two ways: actively, or passively. When listening actively, you purposefully sit down and relax while playing the session.

When listening passively, you simply keep the session playing on repeat in the background while you work, or go about your day. You need use headphone. 'Visualize' the final result you get, 'Happy Feeling' get it, 'Believe' you have gotten it are the most important thing. WARNING : DO NOT LISTEN WHILE DRIVING OR USING MACHINE. IF YOU HAVE EPILEPSY PLEASE CONSULT DOCTOR FIRST

Q : English not my native language. Will this work?
A : Yes! So long as can hold a basic conversation in English, my subliminal audios will be just as effective as if they were recorded in your native language.

Q : What are the benefits of this subliminal?
A : 1. Good at job interview
2. Become relaxed and calm
3. Become perfectly qualified for the position
4. Confident and friendly
5. Give a great first impression
6.Chosen for the job
7.Have impressive talents and abilities
8. Your attitude become professional
etc (Contains 30 positive affirmations that have been repeated so it takes 9 minutes duration)

Q : Thank you for your subliminal audio. Can I share the result?
A : Of course YES! Send your pictures, video or share your story before and after using my subliminals to [email protected]
I'll be happy knowing my subliminals give you contribution to your life.
IF YOU HAVE REQUEST JUST SEND MESSAGE ON [email protected] cause I sometimes can't read your full comments. The comments appear partially.

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