Stump the archivist: Open mic Q&A webinar — Feb. 18, 2022

Research Archivist Tracy Rebstock hosted this free webinar. She talks about naturalization records and takes lots of questions.

New records are added to our collections all the time — updates to vital records means more access to birth, death, marriage, and divorce collections. This webinar had a focus on restricted records. Participants asked a bunch of questions to learn how to dig deeper into their research!

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Visit sos.wa.gov and digitalarchives.wa.gov to explore Washington State Archives. Go to scribe.digitalarchives.wa.gov to volunteer to transcribe and index records. Email [email protected] with any questions.

Other links discussed during the webinar:

Scribe: https://scribe.digitalarchives.wa.gov/Home/Index

Dept. of Health vital records: https://doh.wa.gov/licenses-permits-and-certificates/vital-records
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