Student Keeps TRIGGERING Piers Morgan in Fiery Interview!

In one of our most HEATED debates to date, Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by President of the National Union of Students Larissa Kennedy to discuss the 'snowflake-y' behaviour of university students who want trigger warnings for certain topics within their syllabuses. Piers challenges this by asking what could be so offensive to make students need a warning. Larissa answers by saying it is normal for students to want to know what is included in their upcoming term's syllabus. The debate continues to get more and more fiery until eventually Larissa asks how long it's been since Piers was a university University student. When he responds she says it "was a long time ago" which leads to Piers asking her if she is being ageist... trigger warning alert! Watch the video and see how many times she 'triggers' Piers Morgan...

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