Stop Directing Your Job Search ONLY to Other Job Seekers

Hello Job Seekers! I am 100% in favor of job seekers helping each other out in their job search. However, you need to be careful to not focus all of your posts and interactions to only other job seekers.

Lets take some time to discuss this issue!

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CGL Recruiting was founded to provide a trusted source for professional HR and recruitment services. With a staff of seasoned industry executives, our focus is on finding our clients the right talent for their needs today and tomorrow, helping them with complex HR issues and helping individuals make the next best step for their career goals.

We strive to always treat our job seekers with the same level of respect as our clients. For the seasoned executives, they trust us to maintain their confidentiality as they begin a search for a new position. We also work to establish relationships with professionals just starting their careers including providing them with career counseling and position leads. We know these individuals are the next generation of leaders and forming a relationship with them at the beginning of their career is just as important as the relationships we build with senior level executives.

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