Stop chasing a job to love! This is the only true passion you need to have!

Stop chasing a job to love! This is the only true passion you need to have!
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” - Confucius
I remember how wounded I felt the moment I heard this quote for the first time.
I was just starting to discover the field of personal development and kept discovering flaws after flaws in my life.
One of them, you guessed it, was my job at that time.
Hearing this quote…weighed very heavy on my shoulders, because I did not understand the true meaning of it and back then I didn’t know the importance of filtering advice according to your personality.
The way I took it was... You either do something that you are in love with or you are a complete failure.
I listened to many podcasts, where successful people would talk about how making money out of their passion was the best thing ever and how we must aim to do the same if we want to be happy and fulfilled. Everywhere I turned, I heard, that you must aim to find your passion at all costs, never stop seeking that one thing that you will enjoy doing even if you were failing.
Sounds familiar?
After changing a few jobs, failing a business, and ruining a few relationships in my quest to find my one true passion, I’ve come to realize that, while the advice sounds good on paper, and can be inspiring in the sense that it can help you get out of a job that you hate, it also narrows you as a person, if you don’t take the time to ponder how your life is about to change if you embark on the quest to find your one, true passion.
Just to clarify something.
I am not saying that you should dismiss what Confucius said nor that he is wrong.
What I mean is… you should be careful how you take the advice, because it doesn’t suit everyone.
I learned the hard way, that, one passion, will never truly fulfill all your needs and wants.
While it’s great to be focused on a goal, this doesn’t mean you should become extreme in your chase.
Balance is better.
To me, life is all about discovering myself, living in the best vibe and the best energy I possibly can, and sharing that with those around me; those who not only listen but are willing to do something about their condition.

Ask yourself, do you really want to be passionate about just one thing?
Because this can make you a very limited person. When you only have one thing to share; well, it doesn’t seem like you have much to offer right?
What happens if you don’t find that one thing?
Also, going on a rampant quest to find that one passion from which you will make big money isn’t for everyone. You might want to be like Jeff Bezos, someone who clearly made tons of cash out of his passion.
But, while his passion might suit you as well, the life you must have to get to one-tenth of his financial level might not.
For me, it was clear long ago that measuring happiness on the monetary scale isn’t going to fulfill me in the long run.
The one true passion that matters to me, is quality of life. To create, expand and keep it, I am willing to do everything that matters.
From there, I try to pour my passion for life into everything that I do, no matter if it’s my relationships, health, or my wealth.
Work, and especially working for an employer has gotten a bad reputation over the years.
It’s not up to me to say if it’s deserved or not.
I just got tired of hearing you need to follow your passion and be your own boss, own a business, stop trading time for money, from people who in the end are trying to sell you a course.
The only time I invite you to listen to this advice is if you aren’t making enough money and you are miserable in your job, and then, only use it for an extra kick in your but to walk away from something that doesn’t bring you any joy and there is no potential in it. That’s it.
Please understand this about your job.
Work is work, it doesn’t always feel like play and you will go through periods of time where you don’t feel like doing it, no matter how much you love it.
It’s normal. We all go through it.
The only true passion you need to have is life itself.
Live it, before you die.
Until next time, stay blessed, GO FYT.
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