STOICISM for a BETTER LIFE and how you can CONTROL the RATIONAL MIND with Anderson Silver

In this episode, we discuss methods and ways to live a good life and sleep well at night as they will help you to handle your mind-body duality. Stoicism can control the chaos of thoughts and everyday actions and you will learn how to find real happiness by focusing on what’s in control. We discuss the power of slow, incremental change and efforts and that positivity is a state of mind. Things will be the way they will be. Techniques and tools on how to keep emotions out of your decision making process are shared and Anderson explains how he managed to work with his anger through Stoicism and what we all can learn from the Hulk. We talk about Memento Mori and the ability to accept the fact that we will all die some day. We elaborate on the difference of autopilot thinking and your rational mind and analyse the strength of journaling and to-do lists. Finally, Anderson shares how to find a purpose in life in six steps.

Check out the new podcast episode “#Anderson Silver: STOICISM for a BETTER LIFE and how you can CONTROL the RATIONAL MIND | #007 ” if you want to learn more about Stoicism, anger management and finding purpose in life.

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Time stamps:
00:00 Intro - Just Another Mindset Podcast
00:51 What we talked about today
01:47 Difference between a Stoic and a Stoicism practitioner
06:53 How the wet dream of capitalism got into Stoicism
11:07 The strength of slow and incremental change
14:49 What is Stoicism anyways
15:23 Everyday life and tools for happiness of a Stoic
17:55 Emotions, positivity and Stoicism
20:57 Rational mind, anger management and better neighbourhoods
25:50 Importance of time and memento Mori
30:40 Work Life balance and the difference of autopilot thinking and your rational mind
34:43 Power of journaling
43:53 Importance to have and how to find a purpose in life in six steps
46:17 Get to know Anderson
47:24 Final questions for Anderson

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