Step 2 - Part 2: Job Search - Strategies

This video is the fifth in a series of videos that helps people apply, interview, and get hired with the State of California.

The focus of this video is on effective search strategies to employ in searching for jobs with the State of California.

For context, job searching is part of the second action step in this multi-step process and is - arguably - the MOST IMPORTANT step of the process. Note: The previous video covered search tactics and goes hand-in-hand with the search strategies discussed in this video.

Video Timeline:
00:00 Introduction & Acknowledgements
04:10 Search Strategy 1: Get Foot in the Door
08:30 Search Strategy 2: Target Larger Agencies/Departments
11:20 Search Strategy 3: Consider 2 or 3 Classifications/Job Titles
12:53 Search Strategy 4: Broaden Geography
14:26 Summary/Wrap Up/Next Video.

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