State of the BST: Ep. 7 - Pleasant Grove to Lehi

It's been a long time coming, but we finally present our last episode of Season 1, finishing up Utah Valley by hiking (and biking) around Cedar Hills, Alpine, Highland and Lehi, passing Lone Peak, speaking with guest Brandon Stocksdale about the future of the trail's development, and concluding at the Point of the Mountain on the county line!

Written & Maps Designed by Brandon Plewe
Filmed & Edited by Spencer Plewe

Music provided by Soundstripe:
"Pass Me By" by Alsever Lake
"You & Me" by Morgan Taylor
"Take It Easy" by Reveille
"Animated Adventure" by Andy Ellison
"Tribal Champion" by Andy Ellison
"Summer Sun" by Noah Smith
"Thankful" by Stefano Vita
"Radiance" by Reveille
"Emerging Flame" by Adrian Walther
"Free To Roam" by Andy Ellison
"Wandering Soul" by Dreamlamp
"Life Is a Dream" by Brent Wood

00:00 Title Sequence
00:43 Smoke in the air at Pleasant Grove
01:59 Crossing into Cedar Hills
03:04 Biking the Trail!
04:57 Interview with Brandon Stocksdale
14:52 Alpine, lesser-known territory
18:24 Highland, and still smokey
20:27 The Businesses of Lehi
24:20 Point of the Mountain
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