Starsector (2022) - In search of Money - Indie Space Strategy Fleet Management Sim

We've got our fleet but it's costing us an arm and a leg! Is our company doomed by bureaucracy and employee wages?!

Starsector (formerly “Starfarer”) is an in-development open-world single-player space-combat, roleplaying, exploration, and economic game. You take the role of a space captain seeking fortune and glory however you choose.

Pilot your ship in top-down 2D combat and command your fleet in tactical battles with detailed space combat mechanics and customizable ships.Hire officers to give skill bonuses, pilot auxiliary ships, and oversee your operations while you explore war-torn star systems, discover new worlds and salvage lost derelicts.

Win the favor or scorn of powerful factions, exploit events to trade goods for profit and claim new worlds, build outposts and industry, and eventually an empire of your own!


HisCursedness is a variety streamer who plays anything from Strategy Games to RPGs, from Simulations to Shooters. He's usually pretty bad at all of them, but always willing to put the blame on somebody else. Maybe it could be you?

He streams weeknights from 7:30PM British time on Twitch.

Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/hiscursedness


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