Stars From Designing Women You Didn't Know Died

Given that it's been almost 30 years since its series finale, it might be easy to forget just what a phenomenon "Designing Women" was. The sitcom about the proprietors of an Atlanta design firm ran for seven seasons on CBS, and there was some drama mixed with the comedy. There were plenty of cast shakeups during the show's run, and some real-life romances even made their way into series storylines.

Since it's been several decades since the show ended, it's no surprise that a number of the show's stars have passed away. But you may not have heard about all of them. These are stars from "Designing Women" you didn't know died.

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Meshach Taylor | 0:00
Dixie Carter | 0:55
Jan Hooks | 2:01
Richard Gilliland | 2:45
Hal Holbrook | 3:27
Alice Ghostley | 4:15
Charles Levin | 5:03

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