SSP A Team:Implosion from Lucid Dream to Stargate Portal , Dan Winter, Alex G,Jean Ch Moyen.. AND..

SSP Team: from Lucid Dream to Stargate Portal Implosion / Compression with Dan Winter & Alexander Galvez -Jean Charles Moyen, Geraldine Orozco, Sean Bond, Apollymi Mandylion, James Newman and many more
some contact notes from our group:
-Dan Winter- ET History project
-James Newman
-John Bertoli
We Speak Unity Light
-Apollymi Mandylion (18:40) Would love to connect with everyone my website social media unconditional love and thank you for being you.
-Sean Bond Psionic League (18:40) .
We used the example of Jean Charles Moyen- (French SSP- who kindly joined us) extreme lucid dreaming (teleported/ returned with the sand still between his toes-with witnesses) - to discuss the plasma physics again of portals /stargates as a density/ coherence / implosion extension of (longitudinal coherence) lucid dreaming… - Theraphi conjugation implosion for example as an intro to HOW Montalk worked…. The stargate liquid surface ‘liquification plane’ is where the phase conjugation ‘melts’ IN to the longitudinal ARRAY ( which itself is mindful!).
15 vidéos About Jean-Charles' Life, important to watch them in order: list=PL_JLR61qsM4RVP7p4dy5QlxiFVRuHwiK9
US Version:
Docu-Film Based on True Events:
New documentary
Interview with Dr Michael Salla about French Secret Space Program:
my Last interview with Elena Danaan
During this second interview with Elena Danaan for her French audience, something amazing happened...
-Jean Charles Moyen ..was recruited as a child into the French Secret Space Program. He served 20 years in space, mainly onboard the Solar Warden starships, working with extraterrestrials from the Galactic Federation, making good friends and memories.
In this video, I have the privilege to interview Jean-Charles Moyen on his movie productions based on his real-life experience, now accessible to the English-speaking public.
Let's fly to the stars, and beyond...
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