SQUID GAME Breakdown: Every Easter Egg, Clue, Hidden Detail & Ending Explained | 오징어게임

SQUID GAME Breakdown: Every Easter Egg, Clue, Hidden Detail & Ending Explained. We give a full series breakdown of 오징어게임 pointing out all the things you missed in Episodes 1 - 9. This includes a recap of the series and the games that he played in such as Red Light, Green Light, Tug Of War, Glass Hop and The Marbles One. Full Spoilers ahead.

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0:00 Squid Game Full Series Breakdown Intro
0:31 Episode 1 Easter Eggs
3:26 Recruiter Hidden Details And The Shapes
5:18 The Recruiter Gong Yoo
5:32 Red Light, Green Light
6:09 Il-Nam Clues
6:45 Game Markings On The Walls
7:02 The Music
7:24 The Stairs
7:44 Il-Nam Clues In Red Light, Green Light And Father And Son Theory
9:47 Foreshadowing The Deaths
11:03 How The Games Could Have Ended Early
11:24 Episode 3 Things You Missed
12:33 Mirror Images
13:24 Il-Nam Hints And Foreshadowing With Tug Of War & Marbles
18:14 The Bridge Game
18:54 The Dinner
19:23 The Squid Game Easter Eggs
20:03 The Front Man Explained
21:02 Ending Explained

Ok so the opening of Squid Game may be confusing at first. We watch as the convoluted rules are explained and see kids play it, who are of course Gi Hun and Sang Woo. This flashback is key as it foreshadows how the game will end which was of course with a round of Squid Game.

We jump forward to an Gi Hun who is a lifelong gambler that keeps betting on the wrong horse. He keeps gambling to try and make his life better and he’s actually the perfect person to participate in the games.

I idea of him betting on horses of course foreshadows the future as it’s explained to him that Squid Game is very much the same thing just with people being the ones that are bet on

In a way he’s similar to the southern gentlemen VIP who keeps picking the wrong contestant. This would foreshadow Joon Ho’s death at the hands of the frontman as the VIP would say ‘I always pick losers’, he picked Jun-Ho to pleasure him only for character to turn around and attack him. Jun-Ho is then caught out in this quote unquote game of life and death and he’s apparently killed…

Though I am #JunHoIsStillAlive

Now Gi Hun uses lucky numbers of 6 and 8 to win, which they do. However these numbers would appear many times in the show. They always represent the middle of the herd in the race and the numbers are in the middle much like before the bridge challenge. One of the VIP explains why everyone went for the middle and that is to find safety when threatened. It’s better to stay amongst people instead of taking a risk on your own.

Six also appears again as there are 6 games that take place over 6 days and the religious player would later choose the number 6 as it represents the day god made humans in christianity. Funnily enough, Gi Hun won 4.56 million at the horse track, incredibly amazing attention to detail there from the writer.

Now Sae Byeok does end up helping Gi-Hun later on in the bridge game and this may be her paying him back after she pick pocketed him.

Gi Hun’s nice nature would be foreshadowed as even after being chased by violent loan sharks, he would help her when he thought she simply fell over.

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